okay, i'll start the month with a boring, pretentious entry.

Monday, March 03, 2008

i looked at the calendar this morning and jeezus it's march already? i must have sleepwalked through the past couple of months. my life has been pretty uneventful and ordinary except for the recent surfing trip i had with karen a few weeks ago.

if my life had a frigging monitor, it would certainly be a flatline by now.

curiously though, i don't mind it one bit. i think i'm at a point where i am content with what i have at the moment although i'm hoping this lull won't last because honestly, i'm beginning to be a little of a party-poooper. almost all my friends have stopped asking me out because when they do, i always beg off and make excuses. going out has become a tedious task for me and the usual drink-eat-get-drunk-vomit-hangover thing has lost its appeal.

maybe this is what getting old is like. you become too lazy and bored with everything so you just sit in one corner puffing ciggies and drinking black, sugarless coffee. with no sugar.


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  1. OMG pakner, im there too. gone are the days when i can't sit still and the "i HAVE to go out every friggin' weekend" feeling.

    i guess we're past "that" stage huh?

    (this freakin' viral infection is killing me!)


  2. LOLZ...as for me i feel like im part of a vicious cycle...

    months ago i had to make excuses not to go out and get drunk...

    but for the past few days, ive been doin the opposite! i went on a 1-week drinking spree (blame it on the Panagbenga festivities) that i can't seem to get enough!


  3. Content is good. It's definitely far from being bored.. Cheer up. Summer's almost there, right? MORE beach trips then! :)

    hey, thanks for the almost support on the concert thingee.. twas on March 1, btw. hehe.


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