christmas is a-coming. bah-humbug.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

christmas is less than two months away, and it took a cold shower early this morning to remind me of it. i've come to associate the switch from warm to cool climate with the yuletide season though i know it's not always the case. go figure.

when i was a kid, christmas was always fun. mom and dad were still here in the country, and our house was always the venue for big family reunions. titos and titas, cousins and grandparents, each one would bring food that we would eat come lunchtime. we had games, and of course the customary exchange gifts and aginaldos. over the years this tradition faded away. maybe some of the relatives got tired of it, or maybe they just had too much stuff going on. i don't know which. 

i miss being a kid sometimes.

yes, the kid on the right is me. sometimes we had lechon, other times we roasted chicken.

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  1. Ooh, lechon na manok and baboy. Yum.

    I miss those big reunion-like gatherings during Christmas. It's still a big tradition in my family. Except that I've missed them all since I moved. =( Celebrating the holidays here is okay, but not nearly as fun in the Phil.

  2. What? That little scrawny kid wearing the sleeveless shirt is really you? lol Hard to believe. But you still do kinda have the same hairstyle up until now.. Kidding! :P

  3. ten: of course, family makes holidays. friends and SO's matter, but it's different with relatives.

    z: lol i looked a bit like tweety bird non? big head, malnourished body.


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