Scattered: The Journey

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Life starts out simple enough. Relatively.

You pack a small bag, bring all the stuff you think you'll need, take your bike out from the garage, and hit the road. Everything seems bright and calm. Never mind if it's a bit sunny for your taste. You manage. You take everything in, and breathe easily. You stop to pick things up along the way. A nice-looking rock. A kite stuck in a tree. A shiny coin that caught the sun's glare. The bag gets bigger. So you make a little detour and snag some extra bags. Maybe you even get to talk to strangers and exchange pleasant stories.

But then, subtle changes start to take place.

The sun hides and dark clouds start to appear. Rain starts to fall, slowly at first. At first you don't mind. You welcome the drops of water that hit your skin. And then the rain comes down. Hard. You can hardly see your way, and the bag full of things you gathered along the way feel heavy upon your shoulders as you hit the numerous potholes that seem to have appeared out of nowhere. You pedal on and you try to make things easier by throwing some of the things inside your bag. What use is that rock to you anyways? Oh, and you don't need that kite. The coin would come in handy though. At least you think so.

A little further down the road, you feel the bike come loose, and you get a flat tire. You drag the bike off the road, and take shelter under a nearby tree. As you sit down on your chosen spot, you notice that the rain still hasn't stopped. In fact, it seems to have gotten stronger. You stare at the distance, rubbing your sore shoulders and your tired legs and you contemplate on canceling the trip altogether. It would just be easier to just stay under the tree, maybe for a little while.

Hours pass, and you get to thinking. You think of all the great people you've met and wonder that maybe, just maybe you'd meet a few more. You think of all the things you've seen and acquired and realize that maybe there's a lot more out there; things to do, and things to get. Things you want to experience. Things you NEED to experience.

And then, clarity.

You slowly get up, and you notice that the rain has lessened a bit. And your muscles aren't that sore anymore. You pick up your bags, glance at your bike one last time, and start walking on the road again. You whistle as you go, knowing that it won't be long before the drizzle stops completely and the sun comes out again.

Because that's just the way life works sometimes.

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  1. "Because that's just the way life works sometimes" This made me smile.

  2. This post was deep. I liked it. Travel on, Sir.

    "Here comes the sun. Dee dum dee dum.." :)


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