time is standing still. for me at least.

Friday, April 11, 2008

i'm not really a planning kind of person, and i think it shows in about every single thing i do. i prefer things to come to me, to present itself as an opportunity. this setup has always worked for me over the years (prolly cause i am naturally lazy) and i din't mind one bit.

until now.

back then, i was ahead of most people i know. now, i am moving in slow motion while the people around me live their lives. grand designs. plans. their future one step ahead but still within their grasps while i wallow in mediocrity and discontent.

no, this is not about jealousy. at least not the obvious kind. it's more of curiosity of what it would feel like to grab life's wheel and just step on the gas, full throttle. screw the brakes and fuck the seatbelt.

what's stopping me? i honestly don't know. it's a combination of a lot of things too vague to enumerate.

i hope it's not too late to learn how to drive.

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  1. that line of thought again huh?

    grabbing life by the balls ain't exactly for everyone. i mean, this planet allows both sort of people to exist.

    besides, procrastinating don't mean wasting your life. it's prolly a way of life itself :o then again, hermits ain't no people to hear enlightening words from

  2. quents: yeah man, 'fraid so. i seem to be doing a lot of whining lately haha.

    if i were content on being just another face in the crowd then this would prolly be okay.. but i'm not. i need to be somebody. not the celebrity type (tho that would be cool too) but just.. somebody. i'm sure you can understand that. :p

  3. I'm on the same boat as you. I guess it's the way we're pretty complacent with our situation.

    When you've worked this out, do drop by my blog and pass on your wisdom.


  4. Hmm... ganito si Schrooness minsan. Quarter-life crisis siguro.

    Mano po, ingkong. ahehehe

    But seriously, you pick a day and just DO. :)

    PPS. Update mo naman irog yung link ko o. Pretty please with raspberry on top? :D


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