Sunday, July 18, 2010

Revel in the memory
Of Sundays and heartaches
Of rainy days and memories
We try and I surrender

Speak of words unsaid
Of honesty and pain
Of promises and assurances
We embrace and I pull away

Look into each other's eyes
See the truth and ignore the lies
Bathe in the glow of the aftermath
We reveal and I disappear

Define something
Say anything
Hate everything
We try, but I fall.

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  1. Shut up. I have feelings man. FEELINGS!

  2. Hmm... :-? I wonder what made you write this.

  3. Yapi: Thanks. :D

    Nina: You could say that. Also, I really, really hate that term. :|

    Shabby: I dunno either. Temporary insanity? lulz


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