later, uncle.

Monday, May 26, 2008

from l-r: kaye, tito robert, nanay, moi, tatay, kate, mommy and tito tony

my uncle robert left for abu dhabi last thursday. he applied for a job as a nurse there a few months back and found out 2 weeks before his flight that he got accepted. yeah, they're that quick. (or negligent, depending on your view.)

it was kind of weird the past few days, not seeing him around the house with his perpetual scowl and dvd marathons. it's not like this is the first time though. there were periods before that we din't see him for days or weeks because he was off playing traveller somewhere. that was him. always on the go, always on vacay. still, there's something about the realization that he's not coming back anytime soon that's a little disconcerting. besides, i've been living with him all my life. he's the first "real" person i know that left for abroad.

we don't really see eye to eye on a lot of things, my uncle and i. especially when i was younger. i think he saw me as a spoiled, happy-go-lucky slacker and surprise, i thought of him the same way. we stayed away from each other most of the time, because we always butted heads over the simplest things whenever we talked.

over the years, i would like to think i earned a modicum of his respect. we got older, i guess. there were less fights, less arguments, and more conversations over bottles and bottles of alcohol. i got a slight grasp of what makes him tick, and why he is who he is. it doesn't mean i understand all of it, but at least i am willing to accept most of them.

2 years. that's a long time. i hope you do well there tito. i hope this experience changes you for the better. good luck.

p.s. um.. when you come home, is it too much to ask for a macbook? no? kk.

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  1. used to be the same way with my grandma. we were head to head when i was in college. i wasnt the rebelde, bratty type naman. just that i wanted to find out what i wanted in life on my own. guess she was just afraid that id go astray. maybe theyre just afraid that wed go astray so they try to their best to teach us in the best way that they can. oh well, goodluch to your tito :)

  2. chels: yeah, i kinda realize that now. nagkataon lang na di din kasi maganda nakikita ko sa kanya kaya parang "who the fuck are you to tell me what i'm doing wrong?" ang nangyari. anyways, thanks for your words. :D

  3. lolz. my friend is goin to s. korea next week and when she asked me what pasalubong i want, i went and said macbook without thinking..haha! geek.

  4. oh, sarah, i wana go there too. i think i was korean in my past life. lol.


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