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Friday, May 30, 2008

so yeah. stupid pictures time.

a snack akin to yan-yan that an officemate bought from singapore. or hongkong. i dunno.

an instant coffee mix that an officemate got somewhere.

a cheap toy an officemate saw somewhere.

+    +    +    +

an officemate wanted to add me over at friendster a few weeks ago. too lazy to do anything more proactive, i told him to just do a search for my name. imagine my surprise when the search returned results for not only one, but two larry caycos.

nice quote, pops.

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  1. cm: gar. that ain't me. :p

  2. maybe thats another side of larry. haha. couldnt stop laughing. *checking friendster now*.. safe. lol.

  3. i dunno man, he sounds cooler than you


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