The Obligatory Christmas Wishlist Blog Post of 2011

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

It's that time of the year again, when most people get this intense urge to buy things for their friends and family. For some, it's the time to make one last attempt to acquire things they've been jonesing for since January. For the unfortunate ones (and I'm sure I belong in this category), it's the time when we make extravagant, sometimes unrealistic lists of things we would like to have but don't have the means to get which, I have to mention, sucks sour frog ass, btw.

Fortunately for me, I really don't want anything that bad right now. I mean sure, I'd probably go bonkers if I get one or two items from this list, but there's no intense urge, no mad craving. Whether that's good or bad though is another blog post entirely.

Anyway. Here goes nothing.

Macbook Pro, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPod Classic
My current Macbook has been with me since 2008 and while it still functions well, I think I want an upgrade. Same with my iPhone 3GS and that iPhone 4S. The iPad 2 will be used mostly for drawing/painting, reading comics and playing games, and the iPod Classic is because I'm a moron who doesn't use my iPhone as a music player.

Heavy-Duty Windows Desktop
This baby shall have souped-up specs, and shall be used primarily for storage, downloading and gaming. Hello, Diablo III and Skyrim!

Marvel Universe 3.75" Archangel figure
I prefer the X-Force Archangel (left) more but since that figure is more rare than a fucking unicorn, I can settle for the original and just have someone paint it black and silver. I saw one (original, not the X-Force variant) at Greenhills, but it costs P2000 and I'm not some loon who would spend perfectly good money on a small toy. Or maybe I am. I don't know yet. I'll get back to you.

Moleskine large sketchbook
There's a pretty good chance that I'm just deluding myself that I have the motivation and the skill to draw but you know, whatever.

Converse Sea Star S II Ox
Because Larry can never have enough shoes. Speaking of which...

Shoe rack
Because currently, I have more or less 14 pairs of shoes scattered in my small room taking up valuable space. That's just no way to live, man.

Leather satchel
Because I need a grown up bag. And also because I like Mike Ross and that bag he uses on Suits. If I can find one exactly like that, then HUZZAH!

So there. What about you? What stupid, expensive thing or things do you want this Christmas?

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  1. Speaking as a "loon who would spend perfectly good money on a small toy", I must as "Where did you see the aforementioned Archangel?"

  2. I need a new room for my clothes.

  3. I want a nice e-cigarette for my dying lungs. And a branded 2.1 PC speakers. And yes, a heavy-duty clone PC for all my gaming needs.

    And yes, more shoes. Pretty much the same as yours.

  4. I kinda want those sneaks, too. Is that available here?

  5. I've been searching the malls and I haven't seen the exact same pair yet. :(

  6. I don't remember the name of the store, but it's somewhere in Virra Mall, near the exit going to the phone repair stalls. Same floor as TK.

  7. I kinda wanna get my boyfriend those sneakers. How much yan?

  8. Hey, Sir! Saan meron ng ganyang shoe rack?

  9. Haha ewan. Nag-Google lang ako eh. Wala akong specific shoe rack in mind. :D

  10. Diablo 3 huh.... Apir!

  11. i need an iPad 2 in my life as well T______T

  12. I also want an iPad 2 for manga and games. :P

    That bag btw looks very nice. :3 I like guy bags. Hehe~

  13. I'm with you on the Apple products (well, maybe except for the iPad since I might go for just a laptop instead). I want to have an iPhone AND an iPod Classic. Can't choose between both, so why not want both? :P Also, I really want a MacBook, but I don't mind having a Lenovo too.

    And hi, Larry! Finally, I'm back, blog-hopping. I hope you could drop by my blog, too! :)

  14. Hayaan mo Larry. If I win the lotto I'll give you a Moleskine sketchpad. :P



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