Monday, October 09, 2006

forwarded emails can be such a bore sometimes. everyday i find myself sifting through useless piles of email from friends and acquaintances. i especially hate those of the send-this-to-three-hundred-people-or-else-your-life-will-stink-to-high-heavens variety. but, as law of averages dictate, sometimes you get something fairly interesting, funny, or if you're really lucky, both. case in point:

this piece of contraption is a vibrator that you can plug (pardon the pun) into your ipod or any music player. once inserted (i can't get enough of dem puns, methinks), the vibrator will actually well, vibrate to the rhythm and intensity of the music that's playing.

kinda gives new meaning to the term "make-out music".

read more about the product HERE. you can also check out a blog where OhMiBod users can share their experiences HERE.

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  1. the girth is a bit wanting for a vibrator. looks more like a tampon applicator to me.

  2. OOOoooohhh... I wonder what would be the perfect "PLAY"-list... hehe


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