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Saturday, October 01, 2005

i have been writing ever since i was in high school. not the really long stuff like stories or whatever though. just bits and pieces of lines that i consider "poems". when i started wanting to be in a band, i thought i could use some of my writings to make a song. no such luck. haha. over the years, i have been writing on and off, and then i finally just forgot about it. fast forward to the present, where recent events have again compelled me to write stuff. i find that it helps me think better. besides, i might hit the jackpot and write something actually worthwile. who knows? below are some lines for from my latest "creation" that i just wanna share. =]

"the sun already set, but i haven't left the shore of your memory
the gentle caress of the waves on my feet remind me
of countless times we dreamt of the night sky
endless moments spent talking about everything and nothing,
wishing on dancing stars." * * * *

hmm... =]

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