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Thursday, September 29, 2005

2 nights ago jair and i went to the opening of the new SM megamall cinemas. eric, our marketing assistant, scored us invites. we had fun "rubbing elbows" with dem high society and celebrity people. i saw myles hernandez (who din't look chubby AT ALL in person. wow), new VHB zarah lopez, jennifer lee, mr. sy, and dino ignacio. there was an abundance of food, and we helped ourselves to substantial amounts of baked mac, pasta a la italliannis, breaded chicken fingers, sandwiches, brownies and dessert. haha. we even caught the super premiere of "deuce bigelow 2: european gigolo" (the emcee of the whole shebang told us it won't be shown for another month. yay!) and it was funny, albeit grossly so. free food and free movie. nice. =]

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i hate commuting.

yes i do. and i mean the take-a-jeep-then-take-the-bus type of commuting. other than the dirty air, the glaring sun and the rush of other commuters, my main gripe about it are stupid drivers.

this morning, on my way to work, the bus i was riding was totalled when another bus rammed into its rear while making a turn. (that sounded disturbingly sexual.. LOL) my sleepy mind sprang into attention from the impact. slightly dazed, i got off the bus and tried to ask the konduktor to give me back my fare. he din't blink, telling me and the other passengers to wait for another affiliate bus so he can transfer us. my shock turning to agitation, i gave him the dirtiest stare i can muster, and hailed another bus. that little fiasco made me a bit later than usual, which irritated me even more. plus, by this time the sun was unbearably hot. by the time i got here in the office i was sweating a bit and breathing smoke thru my nostrils. definitely not a great way to start my day. until now i keep imagining myself striding up to the driver of that wayward bus and delivering a satisfying "batista bomb" manuever on his sorry ass. i mean, the bus i was riding was perfectly out of the way; somebody wanted ta go down, and my bus gently made a turn and stopped near the curb, away from the flowing traffic when the other bus sideswiped us.


i don't get it. i really don't. i mean, i don't know how to drive, but i understand traffic rules clearly. how hard can that be? all it takes is common sense and a little consideration. most of my friends tell me that it's better i don't learn how to drive because of my temper. it really burns me up when i see the rampant idiocy in the streets. i'd prolly get into altercations every fucking day. i know the usual "nagtatrabaho lang kami" schtick. big fucking deal. it doesn't give you the right to ignore most traffic rules, let alone inconvenience other people who are on their way to work too.

someday, when i save enough money, i'm gonna learn how to drive and buy myself a nice, big monster truck, a la "bigfoot". and nobody better get in my goddamn way.

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  1. uhm... there's what you call wreckless imprudence. hehe. let your lawyer do the talking! :P

  2. hahahaha. so mr. lawyer, do i have a case? =]


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