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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

(God I really love how witty I am when it comes to naming my entries.)

In my last entry, I talked about returning shows. Now let's talk about some upcoming series.

I chose these based on articles that I read and/or promo trailers that I saw. Most of them look pretty good on paper but of course, it remains to be seen whether they actually deserve a spot in my precious, quickly-running-out-of-space external hard drive. I'd probably end up downloading all pilot episodes and weeding out the ones I won't like afterwards.

Again, I reiterate: I have an unusually high tolerance for so-so shows, so if you do watch some of these and you end up wasting 30-60 minutes of your oh-so valuable time, don't blame me. Capisce?

Now, let's get down to business.

Ringer (premieres September 13)
Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to television! In this series, she plays a dual role as estranged twins. When one of them mysteriously dies, the other assumes her identity and lives her life, only to find out that everything's not as peachy as it seems.

Up All Night (premieres September 14)
Will Arnett, Christina Applegate star in this comedy about a couple trying to balance work life and a newborn baby. Reminds me of Raising Hope a bit. Or it could be because of the baby. I don't know. Maya Rudolph is also in this one.

The Secret Circle (premieres September 15)
It's like The Vampire Diaries, only with witches. Could be interesting, especially with Britt Robertson in the lead.

The Playboy Club (premieres September 19)
Obviously aping Mad Men, this is a drama set in the 60's that centers around Playboy bunnies, mobsters and politicians. It also stars my favorite lesbian, Amber Heard. I wouldn't count on any nudity though *coughfuckyouNBCcough*

2 Broke Girls (premieres September 19)
Two very different individuals meet, become friends, and dream of putting up their own cupcake business someday. Problem is, they're both broke. *sadtrombone.jpg*

New Girl (premieres September 20)
Girl breaks up with boyfriend, moves into a new place with three awkward guys. With Zooey Deschanel starring, expect a lot of quirky, hipstery scenes. Extra tidbit: the pilot episode is already up online, if you know where to search.

Revenge (premieres September 21)
A young girl moves into the Hamptons and seemingly gets along with everyone. What those fools don't know, however, is that the young girl is there to exact revenge on those who wronged her family. UH-oh. Emily Vancamp stars as the Countess of Monte Cristo.

Charlie's Angels (premieres September 22)
It's 2011, and there are three new angels. There's also a new take, as series helm Alfred Gough (from Smallville) has said that he's going to try to avoid being campy and retro. Let's see how that goes.

Prime Suspect (premieres September 22)
A "re-imagining" of a famous British TV series. It tells the story of a tough female detective that has to deal with working in a male-dominated police force.

Person of Interest (premieres September 22)
Biggest draw for me here was the involvement of J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan. The series is about a billionaire genius who invents a device that predicts the identity of a person connected to a future crime, and the detective he hires to help him stop them.

A Gifted Man (premieres September 23)
What do you do when your recently-deceased wife starts visiting you from the afterlife and starts nagging you to live your life better? This drama stars patrick Wilson, also known to me as "the guy who got his penis cut by Ellen Page".

Terra Nova (premieres September 26)
In the future, Earth is on the brink of extinction so scientists invented this time machine to travel back in time and establish a new colony called Terra Nova. Problem is, they traveled back to prehistoric Earth, back when dinosaurs still walked the EartHOLY SHIT YOU GUYS DINOSAURS WHO CARES ABOUT THE PLOT I AM WATCHING THIS. In case you're wondering, yes the show's producer is Steven Spielberg.

Suburgatory (premieres September 28)
Divorced father gets tired of big city life and drags his daughter with him to "a The Stepford Wives style suburbs". Why not.

American Horror Story (premieres October 5)
More or less your usual family-moves-into-haunted-house story, but with intriguing subplots and background. And a bit of sex. In fact, the creators of this series have called it a "psychosexual thriller". Extra tidbit: One of the show's masterminds is Ryan Murphy. Yes, same Ryan Murphy who gave us Glee.

Grimm (premieres October 21)
This one is about a guy who finds out that he's a descendant of a group of hunters called Grimms, tasked to protect this world from supernatural beings. Definitely not your ordinary cop drama.

Once Upon A Time (premieres October 23)
Classic fairy tales set in modern times, with very modern twists. Don't judge me, the kid in me told me to watch this.

Allen Gregory (premieres October 30)
A precocious 7-year old with two gay dads leaves homeschooling to try and mingle with regular kids. Hilarity ensues. This series co-created by Jonah "Superbad" Hill looks fun, at least in the trailers I watched.

Hart of Dixie (undecided; premieres September 26)
I won't even pretend to know the plot, man. I'm going to be honest here and say that I just want to check out Rachel Bilson. Still 50/50 though, depending on my connection speed.

Also, I have two picks for next year's mid-season schedule.

Alcatraz (TBA)
Another J.J. Abrams series. It's about conspiracies, done in a FlashForward or The Event kind of way.

Awake (TBA)
A detective wakes up after a near-fatal accident and discovers that he can now move between two worlds: one where his son died and his wife survived, and one where his son made it and his wife did not. Alternate universes are such a bitch.

So there you have it. My picks. There are some like Pan Am and Free Agents that I'm still unsure of, so this list might change in the coming days. I really don't know where I'll find the time for all of these but dammit, I am going to try.

What about you? What are your TV picks this fall?

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  1. Is that Gifted Man the same guy as Nightowl?

  2. Where do you find time to watch all this?

  3. @killrfillr: Ditto. I thought it was going to be part of the fall lineup, too.

    @shrubber: I have no idea man. I just watch whenever. I'm way behind on some of my shows though.

  4. And the list keeps piling up. Some of these made my list, but i was overwhelmed with the amount of new shows that i stopped *researching* I'll wait for your verdict and the other addicts instead. Lol.

  5. My list. LOL

  6. I'm curious about The Secret Circle. Somehow the trailer made me think it has a resemblance with Libba Bray's Gemma Doyle Trilogy. Hmmm. Anyho, I can't wait to watch new TV series. So thanks a lot for this! :)


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