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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

last week was really crazy here at the office so the recent long weekend was welcomed by me with open (read: desperate) arms. i have this uncanny ability to tune everything and everything out for the sake of r&r (baby, if you're reading this, i'm still sorry about our aborted monday date. it wasn't intentional. really) and my plans for a mini-hibernation for 3 days was no different.

now there's only so much sleeping and lying on the couch anyone can take before feeling the pangs of boredom gnawing at the pit of their stomachs and sad to say, i felt that restless state too. too tired and lazy to go out, i settled on having a "24" marathon with my dear sister and uncle. i had seen the 1st season of the show but din't really follow the next ones so when my uncle brought home a complete 1-5 DVD set, i thought it was best to reacquaint myself with jack bauer and the rest of the CTU gang. i had forgotten how engaging and fast-paced the story was, how dynamic the characters are, not to mention the twists and turns that makes you feel like you're riding the rollercoaster from hell. i finished 2 seasons in 3 days (2 seasons = 48 episodes = roughly 40 hours of viewing out of the 72 hours) and hotdammit i am hooked. again. so much in fact that i even got that gay CTU ring tone on my cell. (my sister and my friends at the office have started throwing me dirty stares because everytime my phone would ring i would answer with "this is bauer")

24's mike novick and WWE's finlay: twins?

anyways, i am planning to spread my watching habits a bit, because a) i've been lacking sleep because of it. i get home around 12-1am, and watch till 3 or 4. b) "heroes" isn't showing until september, and i can't think of another series to watch in case i finish all 5 seasons already and c) i'd like to practice discipline. i wanna see how long it will take before i eat the marshmallow in front of me. (obscure reference about EQ. if you don't get it then sorry) actually, i wanted to start "supernatural" at first but i stopped myself because i was too much of a sissy. i'd rather not be able to sleep by watching something interesting than staying up just because i'm too scared to sleep. yeah i know. wuss.

now i go.

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  1. next season would be devoted to jack's cheese sandwich and for another 24 hours, he will contemplate on eating it.

    link kita ha?

  2. darth: ..and the situation will far worsen when they discover a mole at CTU who wants to switch the cheese sandwich with a peanut-butter-and-sardine one. lol

    link away man. i already did with yours. :D


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