eraserheads reunion concert...

Sunday, August 31, 2008

...was awesome. i wanna blog more about it but i don't have pictures (a sad, sad part of the whole story) so yeah. i just wanted to make this entry because if i don't, then it wouldn't feel "real", like it never happened. yeah i know, pathetic right? fuck you.

full (hopefully) entry in the coming days. now i go to soak in my memories of the concert. yowza.

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  1. <333333

    I had pictures but they were really bad so they dont really count. Dont feel so bad :P

  2. Waaaaaaaahhh!!! *kicks herself in the head*

  3. helga: bad pics are still pics. :(

    niki: i went LOL when i saw how far pier one was from the venue. :p

  4. sana next time isama mo na ko di ba.

  5. No pictures?? boooo to you! LOL Kidding, I'm jealous. :P


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