my vote goes to mike villar!

Friday, September 19, 2008

ok so i haven't been posting entries lately but something really important has compelled me to do so.. the philippine blog awards!

out of all the nominees, only one name stood out: mike villar. now i don't know him personally, but i have been an avid reader of his blog since god knows when. reason: the guy is so goddamn funny without being tacky or idiotic. the way he weaves tales of his everyday life leaves me guffawing out loud every time. he's articulate, witty, smart and.. what's that? i don't have to elaborate? i can just post a short entry saying i vote for him and be done with it?


i vote for mike. that is all.

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  1. Man, you've got good taste. Seriously. Mike Villar for the win!

  2. fritz: i dunno about good taste. i got about a dozen hate mails because of this entry. oh and one death threat.

    ade: high five back!

    sarah: hey you. redesign done yet? :D

  3. pffftttt. im so lame. i stay infront of the pc at work and at home all the freakin' time and my site's not done yet. but my blog page's up and running already! hihi.

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