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Friday, February 08, 2008

went to a client presentation earlier this afternoon. we had to wait a few minutes and we got bored, today being a friday (and really, nobody deserves to be working after 3pm) so carl started playing with the facewarp app on his new fone. what started out as a test shot turned into a full-blown laughfest.

iris, me, monik and carl. photo by nalyn.

me, looking like a scared neanderthal.

carl, copyrighter extraordinaire and resident mongoloid.

iris, AE/visualizer. i can't even put into words how weird she looks here.

after we got back into the office, we let the officemates in on the fun. oh joy. :D

pika, looking like a deformed psycho clown,

ronald, the daddy frankenstein,

jake, FA artist and popeye look-alike,

july, another FA artist who looks like a pathetic version of the joker,

monik, the new girl. looks like a demented (more than usual) cruella deville,

nalyn the big boss. deformed but still sporting a dimple wtf,

alvin, who will soon fly to singapore looking like a retarded monkey,

and eskie from admin, looking like betty lafea here.

um, if you work for a massive mobile phone service provider and you happen to read this, please don't show this to your big boss. we take our jobs seriously, really.

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