weekend, lakay style.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

met up saturday with karen for a little RNR.

we had dinner at sizzling pepper steak, one of the numerous grub places in trinoma. they serve you your order in a very hot sizzling plate, half-cooked. you then flip and mix your food till it's ready. i got myself the beef pepper rice which looked and tasted a bit like tokyo tokyo's beef misono, karen got the seafood version, and the tori karaage which are chicken fillet strips with a garlicky flavor. the food is a bit pricey but it's worth it.

we were supposed to watch a movie but decided instead to have coffee and just talk. after which, we headed to timezone. we played several games and we got so into it that we din't realize that we had won a gazillion tickets. (okay it was only a hundred. killjoy.) before we left we exchanged them for a spongebob stuffed toy for karen and a smiley keychain for moi.

mmmkay i realize that this post reeks of crap and insignificance. so what? life is full of nonsense and silliness anyways. why should i be any different?

yay for inane posts!

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  1. this isn't insignificant, baby. hmpf. this was fun. let's do it again soon. hehe :*

  2. my "miss cheesy" self is saying that this is not crap La. :D sweet nga eh. tawag namin dyan QT! Quality Time! (pagbigyan na ang mga inlab! :D)

  3. baby: yung colored buckets ulit??? :D

    enday: aba naman! hahahaha nakakarelate!


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