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Friday, November 11, 2005

been awhile since i actually updated this blog with the day to day happenings of my so-called life. am i bored? nah.. quite the contrary actually. things are great and dynamic. i've been doin' stuff, a far cry from the idle, perpetually-depressed shell i've been 2 months ago. i reckon therein lies the problem: things are happening WAY too fast. but hey, i'm not complaining. i actually crave the challenge and chaos of being pushed and shoved in every direction imaginable. nothing to do but strap on the seatbelt, relax, and enjoy the friggin' ride.


on second thought, screw the seatbelt. =]

+ + + +

i have a new project.

my mom will be coming home from NY this december for a 2 week vacay. now don't get me wrong. i love my mom to death, but i'm excited too because her arrival means i shall be getting an item i have been pining over for the past few months: a digital camera. (yeah, so i still ask her sometimes for stuff. so sue me. pfft.)

now my love for photography started way back when i was in college, but when i learned how to use photoshop, my interest in it took a backseat. sometimes though, i see stuff like kei's and jake's, and my passion for it surfaces. i still try and shoot stuff when given the oppurtunity.

which brings me back to my "project".

when mom arrives a little over a month from now and i get my digicam, i plan to make a folio. a photo collection of sorts. using light and shadow as theme, and people as subjects (kinda like that "doorway" photo a few entries back).

i'm pretty much excited about the whole thing. granted, i'd be using a standard 5.0 megapixel cam for my shots, but it doesn't matter. there'd be time for more professional looking shots. haha. so there. anyone who wants ta help me and be part of my folio, just drop me a line or something. i can't promise monetary compensation though, just my eternal gratitude. haha. =]

and oh, just ta help ya decide, check out my humble attempts at photography.

so there. now shoo. i hafta work. or not. =]

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  1. i'm saving for my very own digicam. i'm starting to get hooked with looking at photographs and i'm kinda itching to try taking some myself.

  2. peculiar, that i got the fleeting sensation of GUILT when i read your comment... haha. tara! let's be photographers together! shat lang ng shat! hahaha

  3. hey. just passing by. i like the second pix...keep it going man! :)

  4. hey hey michelle.. what's up? thanks for the comment. =]


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