weekend ups and downs

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

i watched "corpse bride" last friday at robinson's galleria with some hifi people. man. I LOVED IT! it's a bit different at first, what with the semi-musical flow of the story, but they pulled it off nicely. the characters were nicely written, the dialogue dynamic and funny (wait till you hear the worm who looks like wally from eat bulaga. oh, and the spider. "i see you're married. i'm a WIDOW." LOL) the animation is topnotch, as expected. i had a hard time believing it's all stop-animation (in all probabilty, it prolly isn't anyways). go watch it. haha.

after the movie, we proceeded to watering hole in shaw, and ended up going home around 6AM! talk about pulling an all nighter. i had fun just talking and clowning around. needless to say, i was unable to go to work, though i attempted to do just that. i planned on going home, then taking a quick shower and taking off. i got as far as the first step LOL (hey, at least give me pats for the effort!) i think i woke up around 2PM already.

sunday was a super lazy day. i did absolutely NOTHING 'cept sleep and eat. been a long time since i had a weekend like this. happy? yeah. i guess. =]

+ + + +

the more i think about it, the more i am convinced that i am cursed. i don't know why, but i seem to have the uncanny ability to say the wrong things at the wrong time. and mind you, it's not your ordinary, ooops-i-din't-mean-it funny stuff we normally experience. i'm talking about serious-talking-then-what-the-fuck-did-you-say types.

everything was going okay last night. we were texting each other. laughing and smiling (or at least i'm assuming we were). just like before. then, a sudden thought, followed by my brain sending signals to my fingers.

"type this letter."

"then that."

"doin' good my boy."

"almost there."

"okay. press SEND."

i din't realize the rashness of my actions up until a few minutes after, when the sudden beeping of my phone caught my attention. i immediately read the message, expecting a warm reply.

"...now i don't know what to say..."

my fingers suddenly went numb. i had this sudden urge to throw the small gadget in my hand at the half-painted wall of my room. then, another signal from my brain stopped me.

"stop! what are you, CRAZY?!"

i slowly put down my phone and sighed audibly. why o why, din't you think of that before you told me to send that last message?

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  1. hope you patch things up with... whoever.. :)

  2. it happens.:( and i'm no exception.:(

    i hope things will be okei between you and...

  3. yeah, me too. i shouldn't have said that. dumb dumb dumb.

    and, weird as it may seem, somewhere in this page you can find her name. tago nga lang. =]

  4. uy... parang puzzle ah.. hahaha,. mahanap nga yang name nya.. lol


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