The Obligatory Christmas Wishlist Blog Post Of 2013

Saturday, December 21, 2013

[Elaborate 1-paragraph preamble about wanting impractical and insanely expensive things]

Now that that's out of the way, here is my list for this year.

Doctor Who watch
Click on the image to go to a page where you can buy this watch. It costs roughly 11,000 pesos, by the way. Also if you can afford this and you end up buying it, I hate you.

Guitar effects

Someone recommended the Shredhead to me and I'm seriously considering it, since I don't really need a lot of effects when I play for RomCom.


Since I stopped collecting Marvel Universe 3.75" figures and these babies cost roughly P30 a piece, I think I can afford to grab a few more of these little fuckers.

Marvel 3D lamps

I need a night light. Also because come on, how cool do these babies look?

Marvel + Mindstyle messenger bags

Because my trusty 2-year old bag is about to give up on me.

WD My Passport Ultra

I already have 2 1TB external HDDs, but they're the ones that need to be plugged in order for them to work. Also, they're both almost full.

Macbook Air

Back when the Macbook Air first came out, I hated it. Now I'm actually considering getting one. Its fiercest competitor would be the 15" Macbook Pro but that might be too expensive for me. We'll see.

There you go.

Merry Christmas, everybody!

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  1. Ah didn't know you had a blog. :P I like the Mindstyle bags too

  2. I haven't been writing much, that's why I rarely “promote” it hahahaha

  3. Dude, check out the Zoom MS-50B


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