The 2012 San Diego Comic Con

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's that time of the year again when geeks of the world come together and partake in all things... uh, geeky: The San Diego Comic Con! This year, like the year before, was chock-full of wonderful things that at one point during Preview Night (I was monitoring the SDCC and ComicCon hashtags on Twitter), I almost went insane out of envy for the fuckers who were present there. True story.

Also, I may or may not have cried a few times.

Anyhoo, like last year's entry, I've compiled a bunch of things that caught my eye in this year's Comic Con.


I was curious to read about reactions to some new shows I've been waiting to see (like Arrow and Revolution, for example), and some returning ones (Green Lantern: The Animated Series) but everything else took a backseat when I saw the trailer for the 5th and last season of Fringe.

Peter and Olivia's daughter from the future is back! Also war with the Observers FUCK YES! Hold on, lemme wipe my drool off the floor first.

Okay, let's continue.

The trailer for The Walking Dead season 3 also impressed me.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again: the prison is one of my favorite parts in the comic book and I'm pretty happy with how it looks so far.


I didn't really pay too much attention to this part of the Comic Con, although I saw a few that I liked.

The only thing I don't like about this is the inability to create your own characters but with (reportedly) a diverse skill tree for each hero, it just might make up for it.

Everything about this looks gnarly. Good job, DC!

There's also Marvel: Avengers Alliance, easily the longest game I've played on Facebook so far.

New heroes! New costumes! Rejoice, Facebook whores


The Marvel Universe 3.75" line at this year's con had very few offerings. Either that or I'm just not a good researcher. Heh.

Another Wolverine? Ugh. Longshot and Rogue are must-haves though. And look Baby Cyke!


I hope hope hope that's Juggernaut Colossus and YAY EMMA FROST

I'm still keeping an eye out for the previously announced Beast and Scarlet Witch.


How do you top The Avengers? By announcing the much-awaited sequels to their members' individual movies that's how. Also by revealing plans for new, kickass movies you are working on.

Wow, Marvel. Just... WOW.

Oh yeah, there's Snyder's Man of Steel too. To be honest, I wasn't really that excited about the upcoming "reboot", but the footage they showed at the con was pretty intriguing.

I can't find a video of the trailer online, but I do have a download link for it. Clicky-clicky if you wanna see-ah.

...Aaaaand that's it! I'll end this post with the usual I-shall-go-to-San-Diego-Comic-Con-someday spiel. And this fantastic female Cyclops cosplay.

Click the image for her Facebook page. Don't ask me how I found her, man. Just thank me.

Later, geeks!

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  1. the colossus/juggernaut is frequently called Colossonaut online. i kinda hope Marvel picks up on that term actually. kinda catchy


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