Friday, November 25, 2005

it's over. finally.

i know we haven't been together long, but being with you felt like a lifetime to me. and in some ways, it really was. i still remember the first time we got together.. i was hesitant, but you were sure of yourself. you made me experience something new, something i never had before. you celebrated with me when i was happy, yet it was those times that i was depressed that i really felt your soothing presence. you calmed me down, helped me think, and made me believe that everything would work themselves out. and you were right.

lately though, i have come to realize that being with you was doing me more harm than good, a realization more painful than even i would care to admit. i tried making sense of things, convince myself that i was wrong.. three weeks, i avoided you.. i tried to sort it all out. the gut-wrenching emotion, the painful process of staring at the eyes of truth.. and at the end of all that, i found out that i can't lie anymore. not to you, and not to myself.

being with you is hurting me.

i've faced that fact. after a lot of thinking, i've finally decided to say goodbye.. i don't want to, but i feel like i've overstayed my welcome. we both knew this day would come. some things really never last i guess-- we had our good times. nothing will ever change that. i'll say my farewell while i still can, while i'm still brave enough to let you go..

goodbye... CIGARETTES. thanks for the memories.

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  1. is this really written for CIGARETTES?

    or something/someone else?

    and if i'm reading the bold letters correctly, this may very well be a mushy love letter.

    peace out!:)

  2. *whistles*

    i don't know what you mean jey. this is for cigarettes. really. =]

  3. okey...if its really about the cigs... u have to got an A+++ for the effort!!!!

  4. bababa... sumasagot ka pa jack ah! haha

  5. okei, cigs it is.

    and this is one pretty damn good post, i should say...

    about cigs!

    enjoy the long weekend!:)

  6. methinks here comes a doom by my own hand. i think i made a slight miscalculation about this entry.

    crap. =S

  7. hmm... you've finally decided to quit? good for you la!

    the bold letters mean an entirely different thing hehehe you ha. ;)

  8. if you happened to win a cartload of your most favorite smokes the day after you said goodbye to ciggies... what will you do?

    *evil grin*

  9. teka.. take two: naging annoymous post kase eh...

    "if you happened to win a cartload of your most favorite smokes the day after you said goodbye to ciggies... what will you do?

    *evil grin*

  10. van: i'd donate it to somebody else. i'm not the only one who favors my brand anyways. =]

  11. samahan kita dyan...i vow to never touch gigs....for a while LOL...but yeah, i've been about a month without it :-) snaps!!!!

  12. heheh gooooluck!! i hope this is a permanent goodbye, and not a 'cya later' :P


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