The Lazy Reviewer on: Blackest Night #6

Friday, December 25, 2009

Things are really starting to heat up in DC's massive event "Blackest Night"! As the cover says, we get to see new guardians of the rings in this issue. Who might they be, you ask? Find out after the cut!

So apparently, the rings of power can replicate itself "in the shadow of the blackest night", and is capable of "deputizing an individual for twenty-four hours." Pretty nifty eh?

Ganthet, the newest (albeit temporary) member of the Green Lantern Corps

(l-r): Mera, Luthor, Barry Allen, Wonder Woman, The Atom, Scarecrow get supercharged.

These images have got to be the RADDEST panels I've seen in the series so far. The parts explaining why they were chosen were pretty cool too.

I can't wait to see these souped-up, ring-powered characters in action next issue!

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