harry delivers

Saturday, November 19, 2005

manomanoman. harry potter: goblet of fire friggin' ROCKED! =]

the four champions: harry, viktor, cedric and fleur
i like the new-look ron and harry. they look like a couple of bloody brit rocka's.
...ginny looks prettier now...
..but hermione is just.. W-O-W.

seeing as my brain right now is a big mess of cow dung, (don't ask.) methinks it better to just make some bullet points:

*i din't like the way they shortened some of the story points. (quidditch cup, the tri-wizard name submission, the arrival of the other schools) good thing they made up for it in the end. =]

*why did the dragon go "spidey" and tried to crawl along the roof when he was chasing harry? uh, you have wings? duh!

*i wasn't able to finish the book before i watched the movie, but what the heck was Barty Crouch Jr. doing in the riddle house?!

*..and why did dumbledore act like a caffeine-drugged geezer?!

positives and negatives aside, it was a fun movie. lotsa breathtaking scenes, cinematics and drama. i like how the series gets darker and more serious each time. bring on part 5! =]

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  1. *green with envy*

    i'll get to watch it on monday pa lang...

  2. awwww.... don't fret jey.. you ain't missing much.. you're missing a whole lot more than that hahahahahaa kidding! peace! =]


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