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Thursday, December 28, 2006

if you were a child of the eighties, it's almost impossible that you wouldn't know what transformers is. (if you are and you don't, then you're an idiot.) i just saw the new trailer for the upcoming live-action movie and, apart from the producers and director not showing some clear shots of the robots, it pretty much rocks.

while googling ("googling", i have learned, is now officially a word so quit nitpicking. look it up.) for additional movie information, i came across a picture from the original concept of spielberg. it seemes like initially, he intended to use real people to play the robots. i got a picture of the original actor who was supposed to play optimus prime. check it out:

spielberg decided to put the filming on hold when the said actor ate all his camera equipment. after the crew and other actors threatened to sue him for trauma and slight injuries, he decided to scrap the concept altogether and went for good old fashioned CGI.

check out the official movie site HERE.

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  1. di ko na naabutan yan eh... lol. hapi nu year!

  2. sorry the trailer dint really amaze me much.. but then again, twas just the trailer. Who knows? it might turn out to be the coolest movie ever of 2007.

    u know what i'm waiting on? TMNT! hehe.


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