Sunday, June 10, 2007

spent this saturday night lounging at home with the sister and a friend and we got to talk about self-worth. not a good topic to start when you're bored and on your 3rd bottle and brimming with reservations about your significance in the machinations of the world. i dunno what the fuck it is with me and alcohol, but i discovered that i make more sense when intoxicated, able to string together ideas and concepts while using big words such as "depreciation" and uh, ok, "machinations".

in my drunken stupor, i have again realized how utterly pathetic my life is, especially when put side by side with the lives of people who belong to the same batch as i.

now given my inebriated state as i'm typing this, i have gotten a new resolve, to strive harder to make my life the way i envisioned it to be. i'm 27 and i'm not getting any younger. time to make plans for the future. my future.

anyone out there who gives a damn, please remind me of the stuff i strongly stated on this post in the coming days. i'm sure as hell that i won't even remotely remember any of this tomorrow. i mean later. wuteva.

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  1. if making sense is best facilitated by liquor, then liquor should be made free for everyone.

  2. buti ka pa nakapagiisip pa ng mga maisusulat na may sense kahit lasheeng. hirap naman mag-isip pa ng self-worth kapag nakangiti na ang kaluluwa sa alkohol.

    /opens another generic 2-litre 90-cent beer.

  3. chels: free beer? lemme at 'em!! haha

    darth: i just woke up this morning and i saw the entry. somehow it seems so senseless now lol

  4. here's to more of your drinking/rationalizing sessions!

  5. Ayos 'yan. Rakenrol lang ng rakenrol.

  6. u probably just thought others know what they want to do with their life, but then again, perhaps theyre just as clueless as you are. hehe count me in dude.


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