a closer look at what really happened in the NBA finals.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

(i know the series has been over for quite a while now but hey, i've been busy. if you got a prob with that then quit reading. also, screw you.)

so the cavs lost to the spurs in the NBA finals. truth be told, i never expected them to go all the way. hoped maybe, wished most likely, but san antonio crushed all those notions and everything related to it with a methodical, almost machine-like precision that kinda left me shaking my head in exasperation and resignation as i watched the games.

i'm not saying the texas-based team is unbeatable tho. true, they have the vaunted trio of parker, ginobilli and duncan, but it was mostly the cavs' own shortcomings that ultimately did them in, and i ain't just talking about the way they played.

take these for example:

i mean, c'mon! who can stand up, let alone win games when you're skyhighing in pot?

would you put the ball in the hands of somebody who's this insecure and vain?

...on second thought, i'd pick him over this deluded baboon any day.

i don't even know what to say on this one. also, how can you win when your main man is just a kid?

*groan* now we know who really was behind LBJ's drafting:

now are you still wondering why they lost?

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  1. omg shet ngayon ko lang nabasa to! hahahahahahahahahaha! touche sa lahat ng thought balloons!

    lalo na yung ludacris tsaka toupee tsaka mickey mouse! hahaha! though i'd pick gibson over hughes anytime.

  2. cheeks: ngayon mo lang nabasa? hmmm.. i wonder how could that be.. maybe because i just posted this LATE LAST NIGHT? lol glad to have made you laugh missy.

  3. ah kagabi lang ba? sori naman i've lost my sense of time since two weeks ago.


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