what's on your playlist? (repost)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

i had to repost this entry because i added a link that'll let you listen or download the songs from the artists mentioned.


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these are the artists of the songs that inhabit my poor-substitute-for-an-ipod contraption (read: cellphone LOL)

a new addiction of mine. apparently, they started making it big with the song "too young" which was included in the 2003 movie "lost in translation". this is the album cover of their latest work, "it's never been like that" which houses the first single, "long distance call". it's an upbeat, almost poppy tune, and the album itself is nice ear candy.

listen to long distance call HERE.

denver-based band which was formed back in 2002. their first album, "how to save a life", was released september 2005. a perfect soundtrack for those lazy days.

listen to over my head (cable car) HERE.

singer/songwriter wes cunningham was actually born here in the philippines, but he grew up in texas. while studying college, he made numerous compositions, those of which he tried to sell to different recording companies. he was eventually signed by warner in 1998.

listen to good good feeling HERE.

a former skateboarder, he incurred an injury which diverted his energies to the guitar. he made demos that caught the attention of no doubt guitarist tom dumont, which helped him make his album "songs we sing". he has also worked with jack johnson, fronting the star on his summer tour.

listen to cold december HERE.

finally, they're back after almost a decade of absence! listen to "learning the hard way", the first single of the new album "major lodge victory" and you'll realize that not much has changed. suffice to say, in this case. it's not a bad thing.

listen to learning the hard way HERE.

multi-talented individual, drummer turned singer/songwriter pete yorn made a name for himself writing for movies and television. listen to "just another" and it will blow you away with it's simple yet haunting melody.

listen to just another HERE.

a hard-hitting, multi-genre band, hard-fi counts disco, punk and dub as influences in creating their music. this is one rocking album you must listen to.

listen to hard to beat HERE.

the band from hollywood, california boasts of the single "no tomorrow", which is the most downloaded "free song of the week" on apple's itunes music store to date. they released their album "bright idea" may of this year.

listen to no tomorrow HERE.

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  1. i luuurve phoenix's "if i ever feel better" :)

  2. i think i've been pranked that gin blossoms vocalist died

  3. pakner! baka lang may mapulot kang ma-tripan mo :)


  4. btw dude, this is good stuff

    so it was the fray that sang that song

  5. i loooooooove pete yorn's songs from the morning after album. try listening to matthew jay's you're always going to soon and let your shoulder fall. they rock!

  6. pakner: thanks for that phoenix song! langya adik na talaga ako sa kanila haha.

    quents: thanks my good man. check back here sometime soon. might post some new ones. =] btw, the fray album is nice.

    jey: will do! hehe hirap lang maghanap sometimes.

  7. i like the fray's "how to save a life". nice nice song. =D

  8. i love fray!

    and wes cunningham was born here pala.

    gin blossoms....they're back??? wow!


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