Thursday, August 24, 2006

apparently, being flexi-time at work has it's disadvantages as well. i shit you not.

i have spent the past couple of weeks working till the wee hours of the morning on our latest project, stopping only to breathe, drink water and stretch my tired arms and legs. the result is a cranky, sleepy individual with little time for R&R.

don't get me wrong though, i actually crave the the tasks given to me. what makes it difficult is the tight deadline we have to meet, what with the client's ficklemindedness resulting in numerous revisions. some people in the same industry as me would say 'tis but normal, but what the hey. i'm relatively new at this and besides, i can rant all i want, right?

i came in late today, at almost 4pm, anticipating another late night. surprisingly, there seemingly isn't gonna be one. some of my co-workers are still finishing up, while the stuff that we already sent the client (which, if i know, are out of the office and headed home already) are awaiting further revisons and comments.

i do hope i can get out early. now the only thing left now is to wait till the clock strikes 8pm, the designated acceptable time to vamoose.

please don't let there be any last-minute hassles.

the countdown begins NOW.



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  1. Oh, didn't you gt the memo?

    10 pm is the new acceptable time to vamoose.


  2. hi larry! :D

    do have the mp3 of wes cunningham's good good feeling??
    cuz i've been trying to look for it and I just can't find it. I was hoping you can send it to me. If that would be ok with you. ^^

    Thank you! :D

  3. issey: no, i din't. LOL

    van: yeah, i do! haha it's in my entry "what's on your playlist?". click the link. =]

  4. van: sent you a copy, just in case. =]


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