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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i got a chance to watch bob's band perform last friday at the GT tower in makati. it was a small event, but everybody had a rockin' time. it felt great listening to the classics from juan dela cruz, the dawn and more being played. it almost made up for the fact that i din't get to watch rockestra. almost. haha kidding! i wouldn't have missed it for the world. =]

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saturday, i got to watch the WWE summerslam event. me, perry, kaye and den got up as early as 6:30am just to make it to the first screening on time, had to endure a long queue to the ticket line, and a delayed telecast, but it was worth it. it was amazing to see that there are a lot of WWE fans here in manila. (though disconcerting to see that most of them are kids aged 8-12. at least that's what i saw at the venue.)

after that, i went to glorietta to meet up with karen, and we decided to watch "the devil wears prada", which i heard was based on a book with the same title. it was nice, though the whole fashion scene as a backdrop for the story made me cringe at times, a sentiment i'm sure was shared by the other males in the moviehouse during the screening. don't get me wrong tho. i really did like the movie. and karen wanted to see it. that's good enough for me.

oh, and anne hathaway is H-O-T.

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saw this pic in highfiber.

interesting, no? read more about this concept phone HERE.

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  1. meryl streep's character is disturbingly familiar..


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