Monday, January 30, 2006

and for those of you who can't read the poem..
the echo of memories reverberate in the halls of my
barely lucid mind
faint traces of a feeling so fleeting, so confusing,
so disarming
like a curious moth to a flame i am drawn
to a mist of fragmented images that haunt my every
conscious moment
an apparition, so vivid yet so vague,
unsure as an overcast sky
questions remain unanswered, promises remain undone
seeds that were planted never it seems
to see the light of day
unsteadily i gather the magic that was almost there,
that never was
and lock them away in a place where dreams are
left to be forgotten
pausing only to reminisce of happier moments
days when the sun and the flowers
danced together in unison
nights when the stars and the moon offered
their solemn embrace

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  1. damn u larry, i am jealous of both thecontent (terrific by the way) and the layout of the design, u suck! It was really good, both me and yelle ar jealous!- jeremy

  2. ako lang yata ang di makabasa... ahuhu... my eyesight's gone!

  3. jey, yelle, jer: thanks! =]

    lynn: aww.. can't you click on it and then zoom in?

  4. haaay my eyes are deceivingme..diko mabasa. nice layout tho :-)

  5. feeling forlorn again lar? hope things pick up pretty soon. hang in there.


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