Monday, January 23, 2006

a picture i took of myself several days ago.yes, i've started smoking again. so much for that 2-month nicotine-free duration. oh well. i've done it before, and i can do it again.. just as soon as this shithole i found myself in resolves itself.

see? still optimistic. LOL

+ + + +

i have reached my limit.

this week, barring anything short of a miracle, i shall tender my resignation here in the office.

this had been a plan of mine since last year; i had planned on using my suspension to peddle my services, resigning only when i find an ad agency, but recent (and not-so recent) happenings have forced me to rethink my position on the matter.

i realized several days ago that i had become unbearably unhappy with the way things are going here. some of the bosses have become unbelievably tyrannical, power-tripping almost every single day. the HR department keeps handing out memo after memo, pointless and unfair guidelines which have made me almost nauseuos with disgust.

i could go on all day. but i'd rather not. truth be told, the only reason i have stayed here for as long as i did was because of all the wonderful people i've met. co-workers who have become dear friends.

granted, i've never been a model employee during my stint here. i have been late for work almost everyday. i have been guilty of surfing the net instead of doing my workload (which, i maintain, is essential for me in order to churn out designs. it keeps my mind "well-oiled", so to speak. you try going 8 hours a day just designing. let's see if your head doesn't implode) still, they were very lenient with me.

still, that doesn't give them the right to be inconsiderate backstabbers.

or maybe larry and an 8-5 workplace just don't mix.

whatever. it doesn't matter anymore.

i paid my dues already, and it's time for me to move on, hopefully to bigger and better things.

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  1. good luck 2 ur new endeavor lar

  2. heyy...does your bosses and HRD people have evil twins located in baguio city? im also on the evrge of resigning for the same reasons...just lookin' for a job replacement and il bail outta here as fast as i can...good luck!

  3. good luck, la!

    and yeah, you know what's next.:)

  4. on smoking...
    i dont smoke any more, but i dont smoke any less.

    (this applies to drinking, too.)

    mabuhay ang nikotina! (the irony of it all... =p)

  5. gotta love the pic! could you take a pic of me smoking din? *argh, my inner evil*

    +++ are you sure?


    good thang for the digicam. let's go cam whoring together! *whooopeee!*

    see you soon pakner! i miss you! :)

  6. thanks for dropping by at my blog..

    anyway, while im reading this post, im seeing myself in yours.

    guess what? im suspended for 15 days due to attendance, been trying to quit smoking but turning again into the habit everytime i feel shity, surfing the net working, been planning to resign since last year but opt to find a new work before doing it, just staying in my current work because of my team, love yellow cab pizza the most and gravy from KFC..and a lot more..

    reason for saying this, i don't know where im heade to after this. somehow lost in everything. i used to be strong-willed, but now, i feel like i failed this time, like i sucked my life off.

    hope we can do this..

  7. wow Larry

    you look hot in that picture! ehehe.

    TC now.


  8. there will be bigger, brighter and better things for you. make the right decisions and you will find the right way. :D


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