the way it used to be

Thursday, November 17, 2005

found some really old pics from my UP days. haha. (don't hate me kabbie!) first seen here, pics of me sporting a skinhead hairstyle! =]

(l-r: river, kitty, kabbie, rina, ajo, tonet)

(l-r: john, bien, ME, chris, roel, hector, pao, caloy)

obviously, it's needless for me to say that we've all come a long way since then.. some have gone to do their own thing. some have kept in touch. some din't. some have stayed the same, while others have changed so much you wouldn't recognize them even if you saw them. but hey, change is something nobody can avoid, like i said before.

looking at these pictures, i see something so uncomplicated, so simple. i remember those times when everything seemed so worry-free, so uncompromising. it may sound like i'm hanging on to the past, something long forgotten, but i'm not. i'm merely wondering if people can change so much that they would deliberately try to forget something that became a part of their lives.

i know i wouldn't.

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    oh too late! i haaaaaate yoooou larry! don't you ever go near my cubicle, i promise i'll whack you with my bulky tape dispenser!! >:/

    to anyone reading this: that wasn't me! that was my evil twin sister! *futile attempt in damage control*

    LARRY! i despise you for doing this! but i will find a way to get even. just you wait and see!*snicker*

  2. c'mon kabs. it ain't that bad... it's WORSE. hahahahahaha but yeah, jair was right. what's important is the present, and you do look smashing nowadays. (futile attempt to appease kab) =]


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