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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

...and so another weekend passed by, and i badly want new shoes. my nails are still painted black but i need 50 or so blank CD's to burn my stuff. harry potter is showing tomorrow, i miss her and i wanna try painting in watercolor again. i miss having a mobile phone and i'm worried about what might happen with her. i'm excited about having my camera because i love my newly-downloaded mp3's. i wish i had more money, and i am trying that "eccentrics" stuff joel told me about.

i really think we need more public transport buses.

my plans of resigning come january next year is almost a hundred percent sure already. that, and i really wanna buy a guitar soon. i wish i was more creative, so that i can go to boracay next summer with my friends. hopefully she'll be there. i wish things din't hafta be complicated.. if they weren't, i'd be riding my own car. i'd prolly migrate to the US soon, and my pc would be fixed so i can accept more "rakets". i love my grandparents so much. i think i'm not that talented, just lucky. i wish i was younger. yadda yadda yadda.

...and yeah, i really do love her, no matter how many times i try to tell myself i don't.

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  1. Star light.....
    Star bright......
    1st star I see tonight...


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