100 things about me.. the return!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

a few days ago i posted a "100 facts about me" entry, but deleted it due to the fact that i kept adding more and more facts, hence defeating the purpose of the said list. i took it down, edited it and voila! here it is! my final list of facts about me. hopefully i won't have anything to add to this. read on y'all! it's very different from the last one i posted. =]

(you hafta forgive me for reposting this. y'all know how OC i can get when it comes to stuff like these. i wanted it to be perfect e.. haha. that should teach me to post half-baked stuff without thinking it over thoroughly. thanks to kitty and gj!)

1. i wanna be a rockstar. seriously. i’d like ta be in a band before i die.
2. i like all kinds of music, but i love alternative music. i hate country music and novelty songs though.
3. i love plain salted fries. no ketchup please!
4. my name isn't really LARRY PAGDANGANAN CAYCO. my mom had it changed when she and daddy separated. i have a really embarassing nickname aside from larry.. my REAL nickname. and no, i'm not gon' tell y'all.
5. i haven't combed my hair since college. i'd like to think of my hair as "wash and wear". i used ta sport a skinhead hairstyle too.
6. i already underwent a root canal operation, and yeah, it was pretty painful.
7. i am super moody. i can be loud and boisterous one minute, quiet and surly the next.
8. i like accessories. i have rings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and earrings.
9. i hafta pee before leaving.
10. i am sensitive and emotional. i like to keep stuff that people give me. parking tickets, bus tickets, candy wrappers, the like.
11. i get sad when it rains. i dunno why.
12. i like ta bust a move every once in a while. me and some friends used to dance. yeah, the choreographed, universal-motion-dancers type dances.
13. i have tried smoking marijuana before. i also tried "S".. not anymore though. i'm clean.
14. i love intellectual banter and funny conversations.
15. i hate stupid people. they irritate the hell out of me.
16. i used ta be a geek. (still am) i used to be a consistent honor student back in elementary and high school. i even won two oratorical contests when i was in elementary.
17. i live with my grandparents. mommy and daddy live in the states. they're separated.
18. I love my grandparents. I think the world of them. that's why i don't wanna go live in the states with my mom right now.
19. i consider myself an open-minded person.
20. i see myself as a big kid.
21. i want to be ambidextrous.
22. i love the color orange, but I don’t like wearing orange clothes.
23. i used to want to be an astronaut. and an MTV veejay. and an actor.
24. i don’t mind getting’ down and dirty for something. i'm a cowboy. no pretensions whatsoever.
25. i live a day at a time. i don't really like planning ahead.
26. i have 6 best friends to date. i have a gay bestfriend, named GJ.
27. i like the smell of burning candles. not the scented ones ha?
28. i find it easier to talk ta women than men.
29. i am lazy as hell.
30. i am a passionate person.
31. i’m a pisces, the best zodiac sign. ever. haha.
32. i am addicted to shoes. i love chuck taylors.
33. i hate math, though i'm not that bad at it. all those numbers make me loco.
34. i used to wear really BIG pants before. you know, the ones that cover your whole shoe.. i used ta buy size 40's (my waistline was 32 then) and the ones with really low crothches.
35. i love convenience. instant noodles, instant messenger, instant everything.
36. i love ta eat, but I don’t wanna get fat. i love pizza. it’s my fave food along with some of my nanay's cooking.
37. i am fairly updated with local and foreign showbiz. i watch "the buzz" with nanay, and i read the showbiz portion of various newspapers.
38. i love having coffee and conversation with my friends.
39. i like going out of town. i love baguio and the beach. BORA!!! i wanna own a beach house someday.
40. i believe in God, but I don’t go to church anymore.
41. i love wearing shades. i have a small collection. my favorite is the aviator-looking one i got from folded&hung. i still want them old-school raybans though.
42. i’ve had my goatee since I was in 3rd year college. i don't let my moustache grow becuase i have bigoteng intsik. it only grows on the sides of my upper lip, none below my nose. yuck.
43. i have both ears pierced. i used to have 4, but i let them heal already.
44. i’m planning to get a tattoo of a cross on my back, with the initials of nanay, tatay, tita onor and ninang's names.
45. i groom my eyebrows once in a while. GJ plucks 'em.
46. i’m pretty vain, though i project that “i don’t care” look.
47. i always wash my feet before I climb to bed. literally.
48. i sleep in my boxers and nothing else.
49. i have trouble waking up early. definitely not a morning person.
50. i have amoebiasis and acute bronchial asthma.
51. …ironic, because I come from a family of swimmers. my lolo and his brother are olympic swimmers.
52. i cuss a lot. prolly one of the several things i got from tatay. you should hear him say "hindot" sometime. it's really something.
53. i love the feel of falling rain on my skin.
54. i smoke a lot, though I’m trying desperately to quit. and i hate people who smoke on public jeepneys.
55. i am a natural mimic. i like doing voices and expressions of different people that i find funny. i can do gollum, edna mode from incredibles, my former boss in XAX (the record company), and several friends. oh, and you should hear my imitation of those security alarms they have at mall botiques, the ones that beep a high-pitched sound when ya try and steal something. hahahaha.
56. most of the time, i make no sense at all.
57. i have a knight-in-shining-armor complex. whenever someone's in trouble, my first thought is always "how can i save them?".
58. i'm not afraid to show everyone if i care about somebody. i'm ok with PDA (not the really obscene gestures though), and i am touchy when it comes to friends. i like to pinch, punch, slap on the back and give high fives.
59. i have this unnatural fear of the water, even in pools. i keep thinking sharks will kill me. blame it on “JAWS”.
60. i hate being touched when I’m perspiring. icky.. cept when it's during.. you know... hahahahahaha!
61. i love sports. i play basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, bowling, swimming and billiards. i played volleyball during highschool; i was in the varsity. in college i played basketball. i was in the UP fine arts team.
62. i have a very irritable nose. pinch it, and i start sneezing endlessly.
63. i like ta play at the arcades, fighting games mostly. i used to play everyday after school.
64. i’m a competitor. i love competition. i hate losing.
65. i wanna have my own design studio. i wanna be my own boss someday.
66. i wanna be a comic book artist someday. marvel or dc, i don't care.
67. i’m a hopeless romantic.
68. i believe in compromise and communication.
69. i’m very patient, but i easily get pissed too.
70. the closer you are to me, the shorter my patience for you becomes. maybe it’s because i’d expect you to understand me more.
71. i’d like ta live in London someday… the Bahamas too.
72. i love to watch professional wrestling. it's like telenovelas on steroids.
73. i'm 25, and yet i still don't know how to drive. i know the basic principles though.
74. my dream car is a red mitsubishi eclipse or an old-school white beetle convertible.
75. i need to get a pedicure once in a while. i inherited my family’s ingrown nail syndrome. yuck.
76. i like kids, but i hate the bratty ones.
77. i am fascinated with greek mythology and the european medieval times.
78. i love my two sisters: karen, and kate, my baby sister from mom's 2nd marriage. i would kill for them.
79. i love ta sing. i like doing karaoke. i think i'm pretty good at it.
80. i'm very ticklish. my sides, my neck, my knees.. i'll leave the rest for you to find out.
81. i am scared of flying cockroaches.. ghosts too.
82. i can be really sarcastic sometimes.
83. i have a very overactive imagination. i daydream a lot.
84. i’m meticulous when it comes to graphic design.
85. i love downloading mp3’s. i have over 30GB worth of mp3’s, ranging from pop to alternative to rock to metal.
86. i used to eat foam mattresses when i was a kid. prolly where i got my bulate. combantrin na!!!
87. i am a sentimental person. i get hurt easily.
88. i felt unloved as a kid. not anymore. i've learned to appreciate things more.
89. i am very easy to please. i like the small stuff.
90. i hate it when people second-guess me. it just tells me that you don't understand me.
91. i’m a very frank person. i always say what i think.
92. i tend to be forgetful sometimes.
93. i like ta laugh a lot, and i like making people laugh.
94. i'm a pretty good drinker, but it depends on my mood. sometimes i get tipsy after 2 bottles, but sometimes i can have 12 and still be sober.
95. i am inclined to procrastinate often. which is bad, of course.
96. i haven’t been in a fistfight my entire life. i used grappling moves the few times i was in a fight with someone. i would twist their arms until they said "enough!".
97. i like to draw caricatures of people, though i’m not really good at it.
98. i have a scar over my left eyebrow, which i got when i was 4. i tripped chasing my sister, and my forehead hit a large round pebble.
99. i only just recently got my own room. i used to share one with ninang, which really sucked because of privacy issues.
100. i would talk your head off if you let me.

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  1. yahdi-yahdi-yadda! :-P

  2. so when is our next eyebrow-plucking session? ;-)

  3. Congrats, I read all of this hahahaha


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