an eventful weekend

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

i went out friday night. there was this online community i have been going to for the last couple months, and they were having an EB gimik at dencio's, the one in megastrip.(it's creator is luis, a UP fine arts batchmate.) since i din't have anything better ta do and i wanted ta drink, i decided to go, despite this voice in my head going "ano ka ba? kahiya! baduy!" good thing i din't listen to it. i had fun, really. i met a lotta interesting and cool people. i wasn't thinking i'd enjoy it as much as i did, but i'm glad i was wrong. so never, EVER listen to that voice inside your head. hahaha

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the only downside was i lost my JACKET! my trusty, cool jacket i have had for 3 years now. i think i dropped it somewhere. i should have never draped it over my messenger bag. pfft.

saturday, after work, jair and i went on a little ukay ukay field trip, coz i was pretty bummed about my lost jacket. we weren't able ta buy anything, but i saw this cute little stuffed toy which reminded me of bestea and i just had ta buy it for her. =]

that night, my high school barkada and i went to heritage funeral homes to visit michael's recently deceased dad. i'm glad he looked pretty together despite what happened, but then again michael always was strong. it looked like a friggin' reunion, kasi some barkadas who we haven't seen in a while were there. nakakahiya nga, we were laughing and joking around, behavior which seems pretty inappropriate in a wake. we couldn't help ourselves kasi. there was this guy na kabatch namin before and he was talking nonstop about the most boring and nonsensical stuff known to man, so we were making fun of him. he's nice naman, pero me yabang lang talaga. and he's not exactly the brightest lightbulb in the toolshed. haha.

mga bandang 1am, we decided to split. gel and i fetched his van at his house, which was just nearby. we took kitty, algene, elaine, joel and jackie home, while richie, kristoffer, gel, gj, perry and i decided to go to my place and drink. good thing ate bude was still open. i think we finished around 5am na. =]

sunday me yap and perry went to bestfriends to play billiards. it was kinda hot, the tables were sub par, and it was kinda seedy, but 60 pesos for 2 hours is a friggin' bargain! i din't think it was possible for me na magsawa maglaro ng bilyar, but that's what happened. i guess playing from 4pm-10pm will do that to you.. hahahahaha!

ah.. beer and friends and humor and billiards. one of the best weekends ever!

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  1. thank you for the stuffed toy and wow... ur callin' me bestea again... i miss being called bestea. :-) sayang nga yung jacket... we'll look a replacement.


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