holy crap!

Friday, August 12, 2005

went out for dinner last night with the officemates. jair, bellie, jr, miss veron, sir allan and i went to this place in delta called mister kabab, a persian place that serves one of the meanest kababs i have ever tasted. yum! the keema with eggplant was pretty awesome too! so much for my "minimal dinner" rule. pfft.

oh, and in light of my ever-increasing desire to post more facts, i decided ta scrap my "100 things about me" entry for the meantime. it's getting ta be pretty ridiculous; this morning i wanted to add 10 more facts! kitty even suggested i make it "200 things about me". (which doesn't really sound cool.) imma edit it first, make sure i'm satisfied with it BEFORE i do post it again. =]

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