Thursday, November 03, 2005

...coz i lost my fuckin' fone. got stolen in a crowded bus while i was on my way to work earlier.

pu. t*ng. ina. p*ta.

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  1. putek! kaya pla dka nagrereply...

  2. MY GASHHHHHH!!!!!!!! You are so malas!!!! I'm so sorry to hear that. BOOHOO :( And yes, I visit your page once again!!!!

  3. nice way to start the month no? dammit.

  4. i know how you feel, i lost my phone three times already and it was horrible everytime, like i cant get used to it! like you wanna kill the person who stole your phone or just beg to have your sim back so you can have, at least your contacts..hehe

    i guess this comment is a little bit late and think that you already moved on..so keep rockin, that's all i can say...

    and dude, nice blog..


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