The Idiot Box presents: Fall TV 2013, Part 2

Monday, October 14, 2013

So I managed to sample a few more new shows the past couple of weeks. Don't even ask how I did it. I'm not quite sure myself.

Here are my thoughts on them.

Hostages is about a doctor whose family is taken... well, hostage as leverage in a conspiracy to kill the president of the United States.

Initial thoughts: I thought it would be a clear-cut premise but after a few episodes, they've added a few new layers that made the show much more exciting to watch.

Hello Ladies is about an English guy in LA trying to find love, sex, and everything in between.

Initial thoughts: Probably among my top 5 favorite new shows. Awkward and dry Brit humor is almost always a win for me. Also, it's nice to see Christine Woods on TV again after FlashForward (I still miss you, show) and Perfect Couples. 

The Originals is a spin-off from The Vampire Diaries, and follows Klaus and his journey to reclaim New Orleans from his former protégé, who now rules the place.

Initial thoughts: I've always liked the Originals (especially Klaus) and I'm glad that they have their own show now. I like the added mysticism the locale and the witches/gypsies who live there bring. Two things I don't like: the main villain doesn't look like he's a match for Klaus, and Phoebe Tonkin is severely underutilized.

Welcome to the Family is about two high school students whose respective families are forced to "team up" when the girl finds out she's pregnant. Oh and on graduation day too, no less.

Initial thoughts: The main conflict (and source of laughs) comes from Mike O' Malley (Kurt's dad on Glee) and Ricardo Chavira's characters' dislike for each other, and they seem to play off each other well. Think Modern Family with more normal people. There is some potential here.

Sean Saves the World is about a newly-single dad trying to raise his daughter while dealing with the difficult new owner of the company he works at.

Initial thoughts: I liked it. Sean Hayes is still a delight to watch. The addition of Thomas Lennon (the new boss) doesn't hurt, either.

Super Fun Night is about... I don't know exactly, but from what I saw on the first episode it kinda looks like an Ugly Betty clone. 

Initial thoughts: Nothing here worth my time. Pass.

The Millers is about a guy who finally gets to tell his overbearing parents about his recent divorce when they come over for a visit. Problem is, his dad takes a cue from him and in turn, leaves his mom.

Initial thoughts: Will Arnett and laugh tracks are a weird combination, but I kinda like it. Because of the cast, I'm staying for at least two more episodes and I guess I'll just take it from there.

The Tomorrow People is about a bunch of people who have powers a la Jumper and their struggle to find a place in the world.

Initial thoughts: Aside from teleportation, they can also do telekinesis and limited telepathy. You can clearly see X-Men elements here and there, and they even used the term "homo superior" in one instance. Being an X-Men fan, that alone makes it worth checking. Also, welcome back to TV, Peyton List!

Kill la Kill is about this school run by a ruthless student council. They rule with the help of special uniforms that give them special powers. The arrival of an exchange student with her own set of abilities could change all that.

Initial thoughts: I'm used to anime being exaggerated but this one is something else entirely. Fun though.

I was supposed to drop The Crazy Ones but surprise, the latest episode (E03) was actually pretty good. I finally got a glimpse of what I expected this show to be. Also, after a few episodes, The Blacklist is starting to bore me. I don't think I do well with serials.

Anyway. That's all for now, I guess.

(All images taken from the shows' respective Facebook pages)

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  1. Hostages looks interesting. Imma check that out!

  2. How do you even find the time to... nevermind. I only checked out The Tomorrow People and The Originals. I'm only sticking with The Originals. Because Rebecca. And as a fan of the X-Men, The Tomorrow People doesn't really offer something new to me. It's like a watered down mix of Heroes and Jumper and Push. Which are all watered down versions of the X-Men. X-MEN RULEZ

  3. I see what you mean. The second episode was a borefest.


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