The Idiot Box presents: 2012 Fall TV shows (Part 1)

Monday, September 03, 2012

(Part 1 of 2)
Fall season is here and like last year, I am back to force-feed you my opinions about upcoming and returning TV shows. Unlike the previous one I did though, I decided to write about the new ones first.

I don't know if there's a lean crop of good shows coming out this season or I've finally gotten tired of TV, but there doesn't seem to be that many upcoming series I'm interested in. Based on the trailers and/or PR pieces I've seen, they just aren't funny or compelling enough. That's saying a lot since I'm a guy that's fairly easy to please.

Now, on to my picks!


Go On (premieres September 11)
A comedy about a sportscaster who joins a support group after his wife dies.
How come?
Matthew Perry is in it. Also, the pilot for this one leaked a few weeks ago and it was pretty great.

Revolution (premieres September 17)
In a post-apocalyptic world where technology is dead, one family holds a secret that could change everything.
How come?
J.J. Abrams is involved in this thing, which means I am in for at least 3 episodes. Also, Jon Favreau directed the pilot.

Partners (premieres September 24)
A comedy about two lifelong friends trying to juggle their relationship with each other and their respective partners.
How come?
Anything with Sophia Bush is an automatic must-watch for me. Yes, even if the show ends up sucking sour frog ass.

Elementary (premieres September 27)
The US version of the hit BBC series "Sherlock". Blech.
How come?
I still maintain that this series is stupid and destined to fail, but I want to watch it so I can see how stupid it really is. And yes, the idea of Lucy Liu playing a female Watson is too tempting. (Edit: the pilot episode has just leaked and I'm currently downloading it.) Miller pales in comparison to Cumberbatch (well DUH), and I'm still on the fence whether this one is worth watching. Ironically, the one thing I was most apprehensive about was the best part about the episode: Lucy Liu as Watson. Heh.

666 Park Avenue (premieres September 30)
A couple moves into a luxury apartment in Manhattan luxury apartment with sinister inhabitants. Weirdness ensues.
How come?
Remember the movie Devil's Advocate where Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron moved into this lavish apartment courtesy of Al Pacino? How about the shit that went down in American Horror Story? Fun times.

Nashville (premieres October 10)
Another one of those musical drama shows, probably in the same vein as Smash.
How come?
Checking this out for Hayden Panettiere. I have no shame.

Arrow (premieres October 10)
A series about DC's emerald marksman.
How Come?
Apart from Revolution, this is the one I'm most excited about. Just please, keep whatever dark and gritty element we saw in the trailers and ditch the Smallville crap.

Beauty and the Beast (premieres October 11)
A new series based on the old 80's series with the same name.
How come?
Same reason as Partners and Nashville, except Kristin Kreuk. I'd probably be less patient with this though because honestly, this feels Twilight-y to me.

I also have a list of a few shows without official air dates yet.

It's about a young guy working on a TV drama about a cult and its followers who may or may not be re-enacting crimes from the show. Robert Knepper (Prison Break) is in it.

Do No Harm
A thriller about a successful neurosurgeon trying to deal with his dangerous alter-ego. Jekyll and Hyde, anyone?

The Following
A serial killer recruits people to kill for him (what), and Kevin Bacon is a retired FBI guy trying to hunt him down.

Friend Me
Two friends (one of them Superbad's McLovin') move from their hometown to LA to work at Groupon.

The Goodwin Games
A comedy about three siblings try to reconnect in order to acquire the inheritance their father left them. Watching because of Becki Newton.

The Neighbors
Think Suburgatory but replace stupid, uptight snobs with extraterrestrials.

Zero Hour
A magazine editor becomes involved in a terrifying conspiracy after his wife gets kidnapped.

So there. How about you? What new shows are you looking forward to this season?

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  1. Waiting for nashville

  2. Why does Hayden Panettiere look like she's got huge boobs now?

  3. I think she got implants. Don't ask me how or why I know.

  4. That really sucks. She was hot without them. Like Gwen Garci before.

  5. I was gonna watch BnB but went i saw what it's about... no thank you!

  6. Give in, Mike. You know you want to.


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