Sketches and Stuff: Phil Noto Appreciation Post

Monday, January 16, 2012

I haven't done any illustrations lately, I know. But, since the girlfriend got me a few Moleskine sketchpads last Christmas and also since I've convinced myself that it's stupid to have sketching apps on my phone if I'm not going to use them, I told myself that I should draw more often. Right?

God I love flawless logic.

I've been looking at Phil Noto's stuff the past few days and man, I don't even know why it took me this long to appreciate him and his art. What I love about his work is how clean and dirty it looks all at the same time. I'm not looking to copy his style exactly, I just want to borrow some elements and principles and make them my own. Quite ambitious but hey, I gotta at least try, right?

Here is my first attempt at Noto-ing. It's a self-portrait, of course.

Done on my iPhone using the SketchBook Mobile app
I think it turned out pretty okay, but it still lacks that certain something. No matter, I've got a lot of sketchpad pages (and iPhone memory) to fill. BRB PRACTICING SOME MORE

Edit: did another one after this and I thought I'd just add it to this entry. I did a sketch of Tin this time.

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  1. Ignorant person here. First time I've heard of Phil Noto, so thanks. :) I've seen quite a bit of (mostly) Japanese anime fan artist who do something like that: magulong sketch then color. It's pretty fun to do, mostly for study sketches but it works. :)

  2. That's how I usually do mine (magulong sketch then color), but I'm trying to keep my freehand drawings cleaner now. Ang hirap hahaha

  3. That makes two of us. I've only managed to somehow clean up my line art over the past couple of months. Weirdly enough, one of my first supposed jobs was to be a an assistant animator for a Toei subcontractor. You HAD to force yourself to draw clean lines, man.

  4. Nice sketch! Using SketchBook Mobile is hard as fuck without a stylus.

  5. True that. I discovered a technique that allows me better control while sketching with my fingers, but it's too darn tedious lol. No pain no gain, right? :)))

  6. Haha. Harder to do, but the results are worth it. :D

  7. Definitely. Kae, my constant partner-in-crime in all things art-related notices I've been cleaning up my line art lately. Weird thing is, I haven't been making a conscious effort of it. It just happened. :|


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