The Post-After-A-Long-Absence Post.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Hello, Blogspot! Been a while. I'd almost forgotten I even had a blog. Heh.

As you may have already guessed, this is my umpteenth attempt to revive my site. What for, you might ask? In these times when we have Twitter and Tumblr and Plurk and Facebook and Google+ and everything else, why do I feel the need to pollute the internet with more of my shit? The answer, my friends, is fairly simple: it is because I'm a self-important asshole who thinks there are still people who care about what I say or do HAHAHAHAOookay I'm kidding. OR AM I?


This being a sort of welcome back post, I decided to write about the things that have happened the past few months. In bullet form. In the least amount of words possible. Just because. So if you're not really interested in me or my life, I suggest you stop reading now.

Oh. You're still here? Okay, suit yourself. Here we go.

  • As most of you probably don't know, I used to work as a graphic artist for a small advertising agency and around July of last year, I got laid off. Well guess what, I have a job now SO SUCK IT PREVIOUS JOB LOL I KID. The gig is pretty sweet! I get to work from home, I get paid fairly well, and I still get to do what I do best. I will admit, however, that I miss the crazy world of advertising. Given my current situation however, I can honestly say that this job is the perfect fit for me right now.
  • The "current situation" I have previously mentioned pertains to some unfortunate family matters. A few weeks ago, one of my lolas who is living with us got mugged on her way home from church. The idiot pushed her after snatching her wallet and she had a bad fall which resulted in a broken hip. The doctors told us putting her in a cast wasn't going to do any significant good, and so she had to undergo an operation to put a metal brace on the area. She's getting physical therapy sessions now and I think she's slowly recovering, but she can't walk yet. Now there are 6 people that live in our house: my lolo (Tatay), my lola (Nanay), my lolo's 2 unmarried siblings, my sister, and me. Guess who got elected head nurse, the one who makes sure lola drinks her medicine on time and chief lifter when she needs to get her diaper changed? Yep, that's right. Me. 24/7, round-the-clock watch. I don't mind, really, but all this is taking its toll on my work hours, not to mention my social life. Don't even get me started on Nanay's blood transfusions and the preparations I have to arrange every month. Sigh.
  • Which leads me to probably the only bright spot in this gloomy entry. I have a girlfriend now, and she makes all of this bullshit more than bearable. No further details. I'm sure you guys are sick of cheese. Here's a picture instead. 

  • I am still hooked on TV shows, of course. I've recently discovered the joy that is Doctor Who, thanks in no small part to Ade's constant nagging for me to watch it. (If you're reading this man, I owe you a blowjob. Thanks.) The recently-concluded HBO masterpiece Game of Thrones was, for lack of a better term, EPIC. I can't wait for season 2.
  • Speaking of Game of Thrones, I started reading the book after the series ended, but I have yet to finish it. I'm still trying to push myself into reading more books. My friends have been raving about A Visit from the Goon Squad so I'm checking that out, too. Soon.
  • I've also been visiting this site called GetGlue for months now. It's basically like FourSquare, only you check-in to movies and other stuff. You get stickers for specific items, and you can have them mailed by batches of 20 to your homes for free! I think I've gotten 4 sets so far.

  • Been a little slow in picking up new music lately, but here's a few that I liked: Yuck, Two Door Cinema Club, City and Colour, and Toro Y Moi. My Tumblr friends are turning me into a ~hipster~.
  • Oh, and I've recently kicked my toy collecting hobby into high gear. God help my wallet.

Okay, I think that's enough me for now. Now shoo. I got deadlines to finish.

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  1. you're doing good dude. gogogo!

  2. Your girlfriend is really pretty. LOL I loovee youuuuu

  3. yiiii, araw-arawin mo na to. pampatanggl din ito ng stress :)

  4. I can relate well with 1 and 2. And I'm happy with the way things are, except when things go haywire because of bad Internet connection, brownout, etc But anyway, gujab! :)

  5. uhmmmm...welcome back? LOL

    MOAR posts! :P


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