The 2011 San Diego Comic Con

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ask any comic book geek to name any place in the world he'd want to go to, where there are a ton of comic books, toys, majestic rainbows and happy smiles, where one can embrace geekery and not be ashamed of it and 7 times out of 10[1], he'd probably mention the San Diego Comic Con.

As a kid, I was made aware of this magical place by the now-defunct Wizard Magazine. Reading all those articles and seeing all those pictures I swore that someday, I would be there sweating and geeking out with hundreds of other fanboys. Almost two decades have passed, and I have yet to fulfill that dream. Thankfully, I have the internet to tide me over until that time comes.

Anyway, here are some of the SDCC happenings I saw the past few days that blew my mind.

[1] Based on extensive study on the matter. And yes, that means I chose random numbers.

Newly-crowned WWE champ CM Punk invaded Comic Con and said hi to Triple H.

A trailer for The Walking Dead's second season!

New Spider-Man Andrew Garfield made a surprise appearance!

New Doctor Who clip for episode 11, "The God Complex".

Lastly, Marvel has released character posters for the Avengers movie coming out next year, and they connect to form this magnificent panoramic masterpiece. I took the liberty of doing a little Photoshop sorcery to try and make some wallpapers out of it, which was a little bit tricky since the composed image was too narrow. Whatevs.

Someday, San Diego Comic Con, I will be in you. I WILL BE IN YOU.

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  1. Let's go to San Diego this 2012. LOL

  2. Awesome wallpapers, bruv. Also, CM PUNK! CM PUNK! CM PUNK! CM PUNK!

  3. Tin: Sure. Lemme sell one of my kidneys first. Also, passport. :(

    Baddie: Thanks, brovah!

  4. Dude, thanks for the wallpaper! Awesomesauce.

  5. Get a passport! You'll never know when a kind and long-lost relative will bequeath you with his millions. :P

    This year's SDCC would've been really great to go to for the Filipino panel on comics.


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