everybody, and i mean EVERYBODY was kung fu fighting.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

these officemates, whatta funnee.

i went to work earlier with my po toy from mcdonald's which karen gave me last night after dragging me to the moviehouse to watch "sex and the city". (i guess she wanted to make it up to me or something for making me sit through 2-and-a-half hours of old wimmen whining and bitching about "finding love in new york", whatever that means. also, i'm kidding. i actually enjoyed the movie. it was witty and funny. the only thing i din't like was the pacing. and sarah jessica parker's ugly mug.)

(ok, i should really stop doing them long parenthetical phrases.)

anyhoo, i got to the office and like a proud daddy, i showed off my kung fu panda to the officemates. they went "ayyy ang cuuuute!" (for ze wimmen) and "asteg" (for guys). next thing i know, somebody was already taking orders for macdo happy meals.. for FREE! i mean, it's true that we get free dinner for every project that gets approved but this was ridiculous! an hour after, our office was filled with almost a dozen toy pandas.

like MINE. i felt like puking.

the day was not a total loss however, as i mustered enough gall and chutzpah to order 2 happy meals (plus i tricked an officemate into giving me his), giving me a total of 3 TOYS! yay!

june 6 = PANDAMONIUM. i can't wait! :D

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  1. oh, cute. i like the one beside the panda.

  2. waaaahhh cant wait! i loves...lolz

  3. chelsea: haha that little critter walks around after you wind him up. funnee.

    sarah: yeah me too!


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