Wednesday, May 03, 2006

i have been sitting in front of the computer screen listening to mp3's for the past hour or so. i have listened to the mildly sentimental to loud, raw songs one after the other, and while the cacophany of notes stream through the generic, worn-down earphones that are plugged in, my mind goes on overdrive, which it has a tendency to do everytime i find myself idle.

i'm here at the office. no projects, nor deadlines. i should be happy, right?

strangely enough, i'm not. that doesn't mean i'm sad tho. nothing is that black and white. life is one big splotch of gray. some are in dark contrast with others, while some blend together so seamlessly that you are unable to distinguish which is which unless you look closely enough. that's exactly how my thoughts are at the moment.

vague. ambiguous. unspecific.

something i'm not generally comfortable with.

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  1. black|white can be boring.

  2. ..and we both know how much we hate boring, right?

  3. wanderlust junkieMay 4, 2006 at 7:33 PM

    heehehehe.. asteeg nga B/w eh. :-P im tired of all the colors. bech. Hahaha. how ar eya?

  4. lette: haha. psychedelic kasi yung sa yo e. =] i'm doing good. and yourself?

  5. the undefineable is the best vehicle for emotional turbulence:

    it just gets you like a damn Schrodinger's Cat.

  6. van: i know, that's why i hate not knowing. maybe that's why i feel compelled to always ask. and ask some more.

  7. wanderlust junkieMay 5, 2006 at 12:31 PM

    eto toxicated ng work. but keri lang. saguijo mamaya! it's juan pablo dream playoin with silverfilter. hehehe miss ya guys!


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