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Monday, June 16, 2008

so yeah, i finally got to see two movies i have been waiting for for months. kung fu panda and the incredible hulk. :D


i love pandas. i dunno why. i have loads of panda stuff, from stickers to stuffed toys to keychains. fuck, lookit the name of my multiply site for chrissakes. karen told me once that i AM a panda. (of course she said that because she knows i am as lazy as one but wuteva.) i love jack black and i know why. he's funny, he's not pretentious, and he makes those froo-bi-doo-doo-bi-dee sound effects that are awesome. mix those two together in a movie and you'll have a larry that's pee-in-his-pants-antsy. in a good way.

i got to see the movie on the first showing day and i only have one word for it. awe-fucking-some. the graphics/animation? smooth as awesome. the story? it's just a little short of awesome. character development? ah-sum. you catch my drift?

jack, po and me cause we tight like that.

the movie had a lot of funny scenes. the characters had personalities, and they interacted well. the sequence where the main villain tai lung escapes from prison is a must-see. i literally had my mouth hanging open. i think what got me amazed the most were the lines e.g. the exchange between oogway and po by the peach blossom tree: "the past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift. that's why they call it the present." i mean, who came up with that? gene-e-ass. 

this is one movie made of pure awesome.

procrastinator rating: 9 out of 10 stars

hulk SMASH!

from the first time i heard about this movie , i had been pretty skeptical as well as excited. i mean, marvel already did it once and it kinda... sucked. big time. i was still a bit apprehensive as i entered the theater last friday to see it. turns out i needn't have worried.
"i... hate..... VEGGIES!"

first off, let me reiterate what i said on that past entry: edward norton as banner is awesome. he pulled off the tormented scientist part pretty well. the supporting characters, on the other hand, were quite bland and boring. the cameos made smile more. lou ferrigno! (nostalgic) and robert downey!(still riding that ironman wave). also, i don't care if you are pumped up on super-soldier junk: no man will last as long as blonsky did against the hulk. that was just stupid. and what is up with that creepy scientist stern? it was only after i saw him smile at the end that i realized i had just witnessed the big-screen origin of one of the jade giant's greatest foes: the leader!

i wouldn't say this one is flawless, but it's good enough to warrant a watch or two. one thing is for sure, this is definitely better than that first one.

procrastinator rating: 7 out of 10 stars

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  1. Kung fu panda was good,and i also love that quote by oogway.. pahabol: there's no charge for awesomeness! ^_^

    for the hulk, can't wait for Avengers, let's unite! heheh
    found out in wikipedia that the avengers film will be released by 2011 pa..

  2. anonymous: AND attractiveness. :D by the by, the fun doesn't stop there. there's captain america, thor, AND iron man 2 before the avengers comes.

    also, don't you just hate anonymous comments? :p

  3. how can they plan that far ahead? 2011? i like this hulk version better than eric bana's. and yeah, ironman's participation would be something to look forward to.

  4. Kung Fu Panda was HILARRYoooooS! I can't wait for the next Jack Black movie... the one with Ben Stiller and Robert Downey. FUNNY! i bet you'll watch it once its showing, La la la... hehe :)

  5. hahhha, sorry, forgot to type in my name for that anonymous comment, hehe..
    was using my workstation's PC,and i had to close the IE window as fast as i could to avoid screenshots from IT, ^_^..


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