The Blue and Orange Project™

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

monday night, me and ka went out for coffee at a nearby cafe. it's one of the things we do that i look forward to because during our incaffeinated (wtf) state, we get to talk about all the important shit in our lives. (overpriced coffee becomes priceless in those cases.) anyways, the topic of the larry-has-been-creatively-stagnant-the-past-few-months reared its ugly head once more. usually after talking about it, i get all depressed. i dunno why, but that night i felt angry. angry at myself. for letting me slip into a rut so steep that i dunno how to get out. i resolved to do something about it as i took karen home. but how?

the answer presented itself to me the day after. i told ka that i wanted to do something about it, and we came up with a solution: a blog of our works. every tuesday, we would post stuff that we did over the weekend; her photos and my designs. we would have a theme of course (her idea) for each week. it's still in the planning stages so after we iron out some more details, we'll get the show on the road. i'm kinda excited about this whole thing. i mean, this would be a great chance for me to "recapture" my old self so to speak. i'm just hoping the juice is still there. otherwise no amount of wringing will bring it back. so yeah. 

below is my supposed first entry for our blog. (tentatively titled "The Blue and Orange Project™) i was trying to visualize what i've been feeling the past few months. feel free to give me suggestions, good or bad.


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  1. uy!! this is a really cool thing to do, not just to improve both of your crafts, but you're doin this thing "together" makes it more...uhhmm special =D

    i'm so inggit, basky and lei has poetry and lyrics...and now, your designs and her photos :P

  2. ace: yeah. sana lang me follow through. :p gawin nyo ni jhan!

  3. it's pretty good to have a project, la. =) it steers both of you to a common direction and somehow gives you a sense of purpose. good luck in the endeavor. can't wait to see more.

  4. you are a creative person. remember the stuff that you wrote ages ago? those were really good and i hope you get back into writing those kind of stuff ;)


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