valentine schmalentine. who cares?

Monday, February 18, 2008

i suck at giving gifts. over the years i have come to accept that sad fact, as well as dread certain occasions that warrant them. add the trademark larry traits of being a) late and b) unbelievably lazy and what do you get? a sucky gift from a friend/family member/boyfriend that doesn't really fit the grandeur of that certain date it was given on. for that reason, i rarely go gift-buying alone. usually it's the gf, who's more than happy to window-shop herself or the sister, who i have to bribe into going to the mall with me with pounds of sumptuous chocnut. the problem starts when they themselves have no time, or the gift is intended for them.

valentine's day last week was no different.

i'm not a big fan of heart's day. to me it's just another excuse for people to celebrate something that should be an everyday affair. besides, that whole i'm-going-to-treat-you-to-an-insanely-expensive-dinner-so-afterwards-you-can-thank-me-by-letting-me-put-my-penis-inside-your-vajayjay schtick is just a tad too tacky. still, i knew karen would appreciate a little effort on my part. i debated whether to give her flowers and/or chocolates BUT i din't want to be too conventional on a conventional day so i settled for something relatively cheap unique. i remembered that i asked the sister (who works at starbucks) to get me one of dem "design your own" tumblers last november. i was supposed to give it to karen as part of my christmas gifts but i wasn't able to finish the design. i completely forgot about it.. until now.

i whipped out my month-old file and finished the design on the 12th. the officemates were a hilarious lot, helping me paste, cut and mount the damned thing. it always amazes me how interested they seem when i do stuff like this for karen. prolly cause most of them are married already and most of the sweetness and mushiness has gone out of their lives. (i kid, i kid.) the next day, i took karen out for a pre-valentine coffee date and gave her the tumbler. she loved it she said, and she couldn't stop smiling. as she whipped out her cam to take pics of it, i stifled a smile of my own.

maybe there's hope for me yet on this gift-giving thing.

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  1. well, i don't think you suck at gift giving.. you're really just too lazy to go around and find nice ones! hmpf. hehe

    thanks again for this, baby. i super love it! :)

    i'll bring it later to coffee. :*

  2. baby: yeah yeah i know. lazy as a panda. :p

  3. hahahaha

    and i'm as hyper as a dolphin. galing noh? :P

  4. La, balang araw magagamit ko ang idea mo na'to. hehe :P


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