the one with friends and dinner.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

last sunday, me and karen met up with her high school friends and had dinner at texas roadhouse over at bonifacio high street.

the menu consists of TGIF/outback type grub tho not as tasty. i settled for ranch rattler chicken (chicken fillet topped with bacon, melted cheese and chopped tomatoes slathered with barbecue sauce) which really hit the spot. i'm definitely coming back for a second serving.

(actually, what i really loved were the free peanuts the waiters served us. they were extraordinarily crunchy and if it were up to me, i would've stuffed my face till i was full so i wouldn't have ordered anymore but wooteva.)

after that, we had coffee at seattle's best. karen sprung me a surprise, a thank-you gift of some sort because i bought her vertical horizon tickets:

i've been itching to pick up this graphic novel for the longest time because it's supposed to be really good and shit, with lots of symbolisms and metafictional references. god knows how much i need more worldly knowledge to fill up my stupid head.

i go now.

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  1. people should be warned that sitting next to you in photos put them in higher risk of getting a stab.

    just kidding ^_^

  2. joiz: haha. i dunno. it's like a reflex i can't control. anybody wanna have a pic taken with me? no?


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