the evolution of my love affair with photography.

Monday, December 17, 2007

photography has always been a fascination of mine since college. i would always find myself looking intently at pictures.. looking at lighting, angles, composition and what-have-yous. we took a couple of classes in photography which only served to fuel that interest. back then i had at my disposal a manual SLR which i borrowed from my uncle. needless to say, i had to give it back as soon as i finished the course.

a few years back, my mom got me a digicam and everything was fine. problem is, there's only so much you can do with it. later on i found myself taking pictures and editing them afterwards in photoshop but it felt like cheating so after a while i stopped. i needed something that can help me take pictures without having to resort to shitty underhanded tactics.

with the recent popularity of lomography, i found a new tool in which to practice that interest in. lomographic cams offer a wide range of effects for every possible result without having to resort to emptying your savings account for an ultra-expensive gadget. at first i was a little iffy about the whole thing because i din't wanna be labeled as somebody who "joined the bandwagon" so to speak but then i realized that i don't give a fuck what people would say. i told myself i'd get me one if i could find something that would suit my needs perfectly and guess what? i stumbled upon one at last!

officemate val texted me over the weekend and offered me a second-hand holga camera that a friend of hers was selling. i had a lot of money to spare anyways, so i told her yes. as of today, i now have my very own i'm-gonna-use-this-camera-and-turn-pro-photographer-overnight shooter. i still want my own digital SLR someday but i'm hoping this baby will tide me over till i save enough for a kick-ass one.

(actually, i bought it because val's friend was selling it really cheap. i don't have a lot of money. let's just say i raised the amount by accepting "indecent proposals" from old women and gay people. it was quite difficult because all i got was a measly 50 pesos per person and i needed 2k so yeah. please don't judge me. i am no different than your common prostitute trying to earn some money to buy nice stuff.)

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  1. can't wait for yah spreading some lomo lovin'! congrats, larry!


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